Xplora Watercraft produce a number of custom parts both in-house and through some local fabricators to complete fitouts on various watercraft or solve a problem reported by the end users. While some are one-offs, others can be made in greater numbers and you'll find them available in our online store.

No drill GoPro mount for fishing skis

This mount allows you to securely add a voice/remote activated GoPro to the nose or tail of your Stealth ski using the existing mounting holes for the molded plastic handles.

Kayak Tow Points

These tow points come in a pair and can be retro-fitted to almost any sea kayak. They come in a pair for fitting on either side of the cockpit

Front Rod Holder Brackets

These brackets are sold in a pair complete with backing plates and can be fitted to almost any fishing ski on the market on either side of the main fish hatch. They come with a standard hole pattern that will accomodate both Railblaza round starports and RAM mounts.

Replacement Bombora style fin for older Wave Skis

These are a replacement fin for older Waveskis running Bombora fins. The Bombara fins can be hard to track down but these composite units are a direct replacement.

Battery Box Upgrade

These thermoformed battery boxes can be used to safely secure your lead acid or FPV battery pack inside the fish hatch of your ski. Available in two sizes to match your battery.

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