Having gained the hindsight of a large number of ski and kayak fit-outs, we can offer practical advice on how to go about setting up your new purchase for the water. If you don't have the tools, or just aren't keen to be the one that drills the first hole in your shiny new ski, Xplora Watercraft can fit and install most kayak accessories to get you up and running.
Kayak Fishing Installs:
  • Lights for night-time paddling
  • Fitting fish finder head units (flush mount or base mounted)
  • Transducer install (thru-hull and external)
  • Extra flush mount rod holders
  • Anchor trolley systems 
  • Cleats
  • Storage caddies
  • Battery boxes
  • Kayak lighting for snapper season
  • Deck hardware
  • Inspection ports/transducer access
  • Extra/replacement kayak handles
  • Accessory mounts & bases
  • Custom brackets and parts
Expedition Sea Kayaks:
  • Bulkhead/seam reinforcement
  • Bilge pumps & skin fittings
  • Aftermarket foot pedal systems
  • Day hatches
  • Deck reinforcement
  • Kayak sailing kit installs
  • Rudder/skeg installs
  • Deck hardware
If you need help drop us a line - if we can't do it ourselves, we can put you in contact with someone who can!
Footloose 80 Sail.jpg
Footloose 80 stowed position.jpg