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Berkley Quickset RAM Conversion

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Having bait rod holders far enough forward to be out of your paddle stroke but still reachable is a struggle on any paddle powered fishing ski. We've been experimenting on this front for quite a while now and have found that (in our opinion) the best solution is a combination of two products on the market. The Berkley quickset rod holders are excellent allowing you to remove a bait rod from the holder with a straight lift rather than having to pull it out forwards. Unfortunately the mounting system does not allow for a great range of movement which may be required to set your bait rod spread up properly in tides or crosswinds.

We have modified the existing Berkley setup to make them compatible with the RAM C mounting system, giving you the best of both worlds!

Kit Includes:

  • Modified Berkley Quickset Rod Holder x1
  • RAM Round C Ball base x1
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