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fishing kayak transducer port
seadek footwells
Xplora 18 fishing kayak
Fish hatch
Flat Earth Tradewind sail
Flat Earth Tradewind 100 Sail Kit
Front Deck
Magnetic tackle tray
Rear Deck
100L Rear Hatch

Even in standard fitout, the Xplora 18 is packed with clever features to make your day on the water more enjoyable. It is perfect for the angler wanting a no-fuss paddler that can be easily loaded on the car roof for a quick before or after work session or even for those days when you just want to hit the water for a paddle. It is decked out with large diameter rod holders so all your rods will fit, the Scanport will make fish finder install a breeze and with three storage areas, it's the prefect ski for anglers wanting a boat for a camping/fishing trip with plenty of room for everything you'd need!

  • Construction Material : Carbon & Kevlar, Soric Core
  • Length: 560 cm
  • Width: 60.5 cm
  • Hull Weight: 26 Kg
  • Fitted Weight:  28 - 32 Kg depending on layup & fitout
  • Paddler Capacity: 130 Kg
  • Load Capacity: 200 Kg


  • Surf safe toggle carry handles front and rear
  • Magnetised tackle tray
  • Front paddle park with scuff pad
  • Large fish hatch with rod chute & velcro tabs to secure rods
  • Side opening fish hatch lid
  • Neoprene drag handle
  • Central 15L day hatch (can be converted to a livewell)
  • Adjustable foot pedals heel plates and rudder controls
  • Self-draining footwells
  • EVA Seadek footwell and cockpit padding
  • Transducer Scanport with standard cover
  • Fish finder cable conduit
  • 100L rear storage hatch
  • 2x trolling rod holders
  • 3x storage rod holders
  • Large diameter rod holder openings for big butt rods
  • Rear deck spare paddle storage
  • EPIRB mount
  • Recessed under stern rudder

Pricing & Inclusions:





  • Xplora hull in infused carbon Kevlar layup

  • Two standard colours: base & contrast

  • Standard Scanport cover





  • Xplora hull in infused carbon Kevlar layup.

  • Two standard colours: base & contrast

  • Standard Scanport cover
  • Flat Earth Sail 
  • Central Live well



KS System 4.jpg


  • Xplora hull in infused carbon Kevlar layup

  • Two standard colours: base & contrast
  • Standard Scanport cover
  • Flat Earth Sail 
  • Retractable Centreboard





The Xplora 18 is not the traditional fiberglass layup found in most fishing skis, but instead is made from a sandwich core construction of Carbon and Kevlar with Basalt Innegra reinforcement in key areas . This gives a strong and stiff layup, with a reduction in weight for a ski of this size, allowing us to give you more freeboard, storage and volume, while keeping the ski weight in line with other offerings on the market. Our skis are built with quality Allnex gelcoats, Scott Bader Crystic infusion resins and we source reinforcement cloths from Colan Australia. There is no wood, XPS (polystyrene), or open-cell pouring foams any where in the Xplora 18; we want to offer you a quality product, so we start our process with quality materials.



The Xplora 18 is the first composite ski on the market to offer you a dedicated solution other than shooting thru-hull for installing a fish finder transducer on your fishing ski without the need to drill holes. This also makes the install of Side Scan and Totalscan transducers on a composite ski a breeze, we can even supply a specific Scanport cover to suit your sounder meaning you won't need any power tools or DIY experience to get the job done!  

Recessed rudder


The Xplora 18 range come with a semi-elliptical under stern rudder that gives plenty of surface area for good grip in sloppy seas and under sail, while the square bottom edge allows you to run your ski in shallower water before bottoming out. The solid stainless shaft is robust and tough, while the foam core provides stiffness and strength without the unnecessary weight of a full glass layup.

The underside of the ski is slightly recessed to house the rudder blade to help prevent fishing lines and weed from getting caught in a pinch-point between the top of the rudder and the underside of the hull.

Magnetised tackle tray

Just in front of the fish hatch lid we have added a recessed area to hold small metal tackle items that can often make their way overboard. We've also installed rare earth magnets in the tackle tray too to help you hold onto your jig heads and live bait needles. Let's be honest no one wants sharp things rolling around in their seat bucket while trying to concentrate on fighting a fish!

Side open fish hatch


The sounder market is ever evolving and with increases in competition, there is great value to be had in modern fish finder units. This has led to an increase in the head unit size being used by anglers on kayaks, which in turn increases the weight and subsequent slamming on the front deck from forward opening fish hatches. As a result we have opted to make our fish hatch side opening allowing you to keep it in your hand as it drops open avoiding the impacts on your head unit. The hinge system can be set up for left or right opening as you prefer. These units come with both the industry proven lever lock hatch straps as well as a quick release strap as standard.

100L rear day hatch


We wanted to maximise the space in the rear storage hatch to allow room to pack all the essentials for your fishing trip, as well as helping to accomodate all of the gear you might need for an island hopping adventure or a multi-night trip. We've managed to allow for 100L of gear in the back, which coupled with the fish hatch and the central hatch will swallow all the gear for your next adventure! As with the fish hatch, the construction of our rear storage hatch gives full access to the underside of the deck making installs a breeze. 

Cavernous Fish Hatch


The Xplora fish hatch is open to the main hull of the ski meaning you have plenty of room for camping gear or even better some solid slabs of tuna! The lack of fish hatch walls means greater ease of access when installing items on the deck or foot well areas of the ski. It also allows you to see the inner construction of the ski with Kevlar cloth inside and a carbon Kevlar join tape leading to a carbon fiber front rod ramp to keep your rod tip up out of harms way. Rod butts sit on the front wall of the live well and are secured to the hatch sides using wide Velcro padded bands. 

Click & Pull Pedal System


Our pedal system is designed for easy adjustment out on the water. If someone else wants to jump in and try your ski or you get to to the launch and realise you have forgotten your dive boots, the perfect fit is just a click away. Our foot wells and foot pedal system are also fitted out with EVA foam padding for those that prefer to roll barefoot when they fish!

Twist or Hinged Rear Hatch


Kayak hatches vary widely across the industry, and their design will always be a trade off between ease of use and water-tightness. Depending on where you paddle and what you want to store in your ski, hatch preference will vary from person to person. To this effect, we offer two different hatch types for the Xplora models. Once you know where you want to fish, we can fit out your ski to suit your needs!

Kayak Sail Kit


The Trade Wind 100 is the kayak sail for fishing skis and the big expedition double sea kayaks, designed for maximum drive & power. You can choose to upgrade your Xplora with a TW100 sail and all fittings & fixtures required to fit it as well as a reinforced deck. You don't need any extra hardware or modifications to get up and running. The extra surface area in our rudder design was included with kayak sailing in mind, this coupled with the vee hull towards the front of the craft will help with tracking under sail, reducing side slip and keeping you pointing where you want to go! Those wanting to be able to sail further windward can also look at our SC model retractable front centreboard.

Retractable Centreboard

KS System 4.jpg

This centreboard blade is operated with dyneema rope via a control box recessed into the fish hatch side wall. The dyneema rope is a simple, light, friction and corrosion free coupling that does not kink. The Blade has unique rope adjuster to re-adjust the rope length if necessary. The blade also has easy snap-in connection which makes it easy to install and remove. The blade is equipped with a corrosion free spring which allows free movement upwards when hitting an obstacle to prevent damage.

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