The Crewsader is a double cockpit touring kayak, (TK2) but with raised K1 sytle cockpits to help keep you drier in choppy conditons. It features narrow, scalloped paddle entry positions to help get your paddle closer to the centre line of the kayak. It comes with a trailing flip-up rudder system to make it a perfect option for snaggy/weedy river sections. It also helps when launching of semi submerged wooden slatted pontoons which wreak havoc on understern rudder systems! This is an excellent option for long distance races such as the Murray Marathon giving a great balance of speed, stability and robustness to get the job done!


Length: 548cm

Width: 54cm

Weight: 18kg

Capacity: 180kg combined paddler weight

Available in the following layup schedules:

  • Club - Fiberglass & basalt $4200.

  • Ultra - carbon kevlar $5200.