The VT (van topper) paddleski model from Xplora Watercraft is designed as a family fun ski. The VT is a very user friendly craft, which combines comfort with stability. It is just as at home for the fitness paddler and with the adjustable footplate the kids can get out and have a try too. The VT can tackle any water from surf to rivers and lakes; making it the perfect boat to throw on the roof for summer breaks or a lap around the country! We know space is at a premium when you are on the road with the kids, so we've made the VT a self-contained package. The rear oval storage hatch allows storage of your paddle and lifejacket inside the ski when on the roof of your car - no more paddle gear taking up space inside the vehicle when you are travelling! At just over 12 feet long and 14kgs, the lightweight hull makes for easy loading and unloading from the roof and is perfect for spots where some of weight ratings are already being deovted to storing other gear.  The VT is also a great option for holiday house/Air BnB use as it is smaller than a dedicated ocean racing ski and fits easily in your garage, it is fully adjustable for a good range of paddler sizes and is lighter and more seaworhty than cheaper plastic kayaks on the market.

The standard colour scheme for this craft is a white hull, white deck with two GT stripes in another colour of your choosing. See our design page for more options and a list of available colours. 



  • Fully adjustable foot plate.

  • Front paddle park with anti-scuff pad.

  • Adjustable foot straps.

  • Single rear fin.

  • Internal buoyancy fitted.

  • Drink bottle storage in cockpit.

  • Rear oval hatch for storage of essential items while you are on the water.


  • Construction Material: Fiberglass w coremat

  • Length: 3.85m

  • Width: 62 cm

  • Weight: 14Kgs 

  • Max Paddler Weight: 125kg


Ski only: $2,099

On the road package: ski, paddle & travel cover $2499