The Xplora Activ is a lightweight ocean ski model from Xplora Watercraft to cater for paddlers transitioning from sea kayaks or masters returning to the sport who are seeking a little more stability from their ski in order to spend more time focusing on their paddle technique rather than their balance.  The Activ gives a good blend of speed and stability with a hull capable of handling some of the bumpier stuff. It allows paddlers with some experince the option to jump in and enjoy the speed without having to make the decision between taking on an elite racing ski or sacrificing the speed by starting in a beginner craft. The Xplora Activ is an easy ski to pull down off the roof for a quick paddle and still provides a little storage in the rear to keep your pfd pockets clear on the water. Those with a sea kayaking background will be familiar with the kajak sport hatches - the only choice for dry storae compartments. The Activ comes with a fully adjustable footplate to cater for a range of paddler sizes and we can produce it in your choice of colours!

The Xplora Activ is intended to be a no-fuss exercise paddler that does exactly what it says on the tin! 


  • Fully adjustable foot plate.

  • Quick release foot straps.

  • Breather bung.

  • Seadek foot well coverings.

  • Foot well venturi drain.

  • Internal buoyancy fitted.

  • Rear kajak sport storage hatch.

  • Drink bottle stowage in cockpit.


  • Construction Material: Carbon Kevlar w soric core and basalt reinforcement

  • Length: 5.79 m

  • Width: 49 cm

  • Fitted Weight: 14 Kgs 

Price From $ 2,999