The Xplora 19 is a surf live-saving spec ski model from Xplora Watercraft to cater for beginning paddlers and masters returning to the sport who are seeking a little more stability from their ski in order to spend more time focusing on their paddle technique rather than their balance.  The 19 meets the requirements for race use under SLSA regulations and each ski is built to the regulation weight of 18kg. The Xplora 19 comes with a fully adjustable footplate to cater for a range of paddler sizes making it ideal as a club boat - we can even produce it in your club colours!  


  • fully adjustable foot plate.

  • quick release foot straps.

  • breather bung.

  • choice of two seat depths.

  • Seadek foot well coverings.

  • Foot well venturi drains.

  • Internal buoyancy fitted.

  • xplora surf rudder


  • Construction Material: Fiberglass, Kevlar & soric core

  • Length: 5.79 m

  • Width: 49 cm

  • Minimum Fitted Weight: 18 Kgs (as per SLSA regulations)

Price $ 2,899