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Our boat designs and outfitting have been inspired largely by comments from cutomers about  the shortfalls of their boats from other manufacturers. The Outcross is no differnet and incorporates ideas from countless dicussions with local sea kayakers and members of the VSKC. In the animal kingdom 'outcrossing' is carried out to combine desirable traits from various breeds into an improved end product. We've hoped to achieve the same with our lightweight hybrid sea kayak. You get a blend of the features of a full-on expedition kayak and a confidence-inspiring playboat. It has a good turn of speed having a longer waterline length than a true playboat, but is still an excellent craft to develop your paddling skills and can still put a smile on your dial! It also has plenty of volume to give an excellent load carrying ability for multi-day trips where required. It tracks well in most conditions, but when the going gets really tough the Kajak-Sport spring loaded skeg can be deployed to a level of your choosing for even surer footing. The boat can also be ordered with a kayak sport rudder system instead of the skeg if the paddler prefers. The Outcross responds well to edging and caters well for intermediate paddlers who are seeking a little more stability from their sea kayak in order to spend more time getting out on the water when the weather is less than ideal but don't want to sacrifice too much in the way of speed. The hull is capable of handling some of the bumpier stuff giving the paddler reassurance in side-on chop and surf condtions. It offers a large cockpit for easy entry but utilises an ajustable footplate, thigh braces and seat, to dial in your comfort to help cater for a range of medium to large paddler sizes with plenty of room for a size 12 shoe under the front deck! Those with a sea kayaking background will be familiar with the kajak sport hatches - the only choice for dry storage compartments. The Outcross comes with a 'Silver Storm' moldable foam seat and IR Reggie backrest, which couple with our reach & tilt adjustable footplate for optimum comfort on those longer paddles! The reflective front and rear perimieter lines are adjustable for tension, coupled with the paddle shaft recess on the rear deck increase the safety of this kayak and the optional glove box accesible through the front deck allows you to grab the essentials while on the move all without having to turn from the on-coming waves!  


Standard Features:

  • Adjustable foot plate for length and tilt angle.

  • Front and rear storage compartments with oval hatches for easier packing of gear

  • Silver Storm foam seat.

  • Immersion Research Reggie back rest.

  • Kajak sport hatch covers.

  • Paddle shaft recess  on rear deck for float rescues.

  • Compass recess

  • Choice of Kajak Sport System Pro skeg or navigator rudder system.

  • Sloped rear bulkhead for easy cockpit draining

  • Bilge pump nook in rear bulkhead.

  • Through-deck adjustable reflective perimieter lines.

  • Spare paddle storage on front deck.

  • Front and rear toggle handles.

Optional Extras:

  • Front deck accessable glove box. 

  • Rule electric bilge pump with Magnatex switching system. $285

  • Lithium battery & charger for bilge system $120 

  • Silva 70P Deck compass $160

  • L & R cockpit tow points  $17.50

  • Seadog sail kit. $500 (fitted) 

  • Flowcoat keel wearstrip $176


  • Length: 5.36 m

  • Width: 57 cm

  • Fitted Weight (standard fitout w skeg) :

Surf: 24 Kgs

Ultra: TBC

Elite:  TBC

  • Paddler weight range: 75 - 120 kg

  • Front hatch Storage: L

  • Rear hatch Storage:L

Available in the following layup schedules:​

  • Surf - fiberglass & basalt. $4300

  • Ultra - fiberglass &  carbon kevlar. $4800

  • Elite VIRT - carbon kevlar. $5800


  • $100 discount on a new Braca Hurricane or  Braca IV Carbon 60 , when purchased with an Outcross.
carbon 60.jpg
Braca IV Carbon 60 Wing
Braca Hurricane Euro
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