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The DragonFish is a single cockpit training craft for dragon boat paddlers. This allows for training sessions when the whole crew is unavailable to take out a dragon boat or when you are short on time and just want to get a quick session in. The Dragonfish can also be utilised by clubs for time trial use or to test out prospective new club members without having to take a whole crew out. The Dragonfish comes with a raised seat, adjustable footplate and an ama that can be placed on the port or starboard side as you prefer. The Dragonfish is fitted with an understern, foot controlled  rudder system and a small skeg is fitted to the underside of the hull to offer the rudder protection from bumps and snags. 


  • Dual left and right side mountable ama

  • Quick push button disassembly

  • Adjustable seat

  • Adjustable footplate

  • Foot controlled rudder

  • Fixed skeg for rudder protection

Available in the following layup schedules:

  • Club - Fiberglass & basalt $3960.

  • Ultra - fiberglass & kevlar $4400.  

  • Elite VIRT - carbon kevlar $5000

Craft Weights (hull):

  • Club : 14kg

  • Ultra : 13.5 kg

  • Elite VIRT :  TBC

* Allow​ ~2kg for ama and iakos.

Optional Extras:

  • Black anodised iakos $100

  • Silverstorm foam seat $200

  • Quick adjust footplate $100

  • Spare rudder $120

  • Carbon GPS/Watch Mount $50

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