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 in Australia!


Xplora watercraft are designed to be a great blend of speed and stability, making our craft versatile, with features to make your time on the water more enjoyable. Our focus is on improving what is available in the market to you the end customer.  We consider what the end user will need , take feedback from our customers and then make it happen! With our fishing ski, you can paddle, fish and sail all on the same craft, yet it is still light for a sailing craft and can be easily loaded and unloaded on your car roof. The reduction in weight for waterline length also helps you cover more ground with less effort, helping you explore new territory and get to waters that experience less fishing pressure. With our boats we try to maximise  internal access  meaning you can easily customise your boat for the way you want to use it and our hatched models also have some of the best storage options on the market. Because we only make a small number of bespoke boats per year, we take the time to work with you to create the craft you really want.  


There are plenty of options in the kayak market whether you are into racing, fitness or fishing and we recommend trying out as many options as possible to find the best fit for you. With this in mind, we are happy to take you out on the water to try one of our boats to help you decide if they are the right fit for you. Get in touch to see what we can do. 


With our boats designed and built here in Melbourne, and your ability to buy a custom ski direct from us, the manufacturer, with no middle men, we can offer the best pricing you'll find for craft made to this standard with this layup schedule. With our high grade layup, you know you are buying a quality product with the peace of mind of manufacturing warranty and excellent after sales service.


We paddle and we fish, and the designs for our Xplora models came from needs we saw within existing offerings on the market. We want our watercraft to be stronger, and better than those that have gone before. We added clever layout touches to make the boats more practical and to make it even easier to fit out your craft with the latest tech to suit how you want to use it on the water.


Until now, the composite fishing ski was largely the domain of overseas manufacturers. We wanted to produce a ski inspired by the distances we have to cover to find the fish (up to 40km in Portland for winter tuna) and we wanted it to be easily customised for the variety of species we like to target up and down the coast.  Whether offshore tuna and kings is your thing, or sitting at anchor chasing snapper or whiting is more your cup of tea, we want to give you a boat that is an all-rounder that will give you many years of reliable service.

Australian Made kayaks and skis
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