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The Minke 2 is designed for young people coming in to the sport of flatwater racing. It is a more stable version of a K2 and is smaller and easier to handle than a TK2 for junior paddlers, and quicker on the water. It offers a fast stable kayak to allow beginners to concentrate on paddle technique over balance while still moving through the water nicely to inspire confidence.  These craft come with a protected understern rudder system as beginning paddlers often collide with submerged objects. The weight of these craft make it easy for smaller paddlers to grab their boat to and from the water.


Available in the following layup schedules:

  • Club - fiberglass with kevlar/basalt reinforcement. $3500

  • Ultra - Hybrid 50/50 fiberglass &  kevlar layup. $3800

  • Elite VIRT not available for this model.

Boat Weights:

Marathon - 10kg

Sprint - 12kg

Club Layup - 12.5kg

Standard Inclusions:

  • Standard colour layout (block or two-tone)

  • Bolt- adjust marathon seat

  • Bolt- adjust footplate

  • Tiller-bar steering

  • Race number holder

  • Protected river rudder

  • Reinforced cockpit rim

  • Front & rear floatation


Optional Upgrades:  

  • additional seat; $150

  • quick adjust footplate $100

  • additional river rudder $100

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