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Sprint/Marathon Paddles

Sprint: Brača I - Extra Light

The Brača I is the world's first commerciallly produced 'tear-drop' design, now the most widely used wing paddle shape. It is designed to facilitate application of power in the beginning (catch) and in the middle of the stroke, enabling capabilities to obtain the “ultimate” forward stroke. It is primarliy used in sprint racing due to its 790cm2 and 805cm2 sizing. The Extra Light layup consists of a 100% carbon cloth blended with a core material to give superior stiffness for reduced weight compared to the previous full carbon layup of this paddle. 

From $720

Braca 1 (Braca I) sprint marathon paddle Australia

Marathon: Brača IV - Extra Light

The Brača IV is one of our most popular models here in Australia. It has the identical shape to its bigger brother, the Braca I, but the range of smaller blade sizes make this suit a wide range of paddlers and are a great option for marathon racers. 735cm2 is the most commonly purchased blade size in this model paired with a 4KAL shaft. These blades can also be paired with a 19KAL shaft for ocean ski use. 

From $720

Braca 4 (Braca IV) sprint marathon paddle Australia

Marathon: Brača XI Van Dusen - Extra Light

The Brača XI Van Dusen '92 is the newest addition to the Brača-Sport paddle line. It was originally designed by Ted Van Dusen in 1992 after three years of development and testing. The blade has a special twisted tear-drop shape which facilitates a powerful catch and clean exit. It's movement through the water is different from other Brača-Sport blades, therefore it requires a slightly different paddling technique. The Van Dusen is fast becoming the most popular choice for paddlers particularaly in the 735cm2 sizing. 

From $690

Smaller Racers: Brača Micro Evo II 

This paddle is identical in shape to the  Brača I and Brača IV teardop but with proportionally smaller blade size specifically designed to fit smaller physiques. Its construction enables absorption of impact from each paddle stroke, thereby reducing shock on the shoulders, elbows and wrists and ultimately decreasing common kayak injuries. 

It is available in either a 635cm or 610cm blade and for juniors is paired with a 5K (50% carbon, 50% fibreglass) shaft for taking knocks from younger paddlers, or can be combined with a 21K full carbon shaft for smaller adult paddlers.

From $495

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Braca 11 (Braca XI Van Dusen) sprint marathon paddle Australia
Braca Micro Evo II (Braca kid) sprint marathon paddle Australia
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