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The idea to expand our original business, Sea Sherpa into manufacturing came after a few conversations with the guys from BerleyPro about not being able to find exactly the ski I was after on the market at the time. Put simply I wanted a boat that could cover ground quickly as is required for offshore fishing down here in Victoria, I wanted a ski that was light and had a good balance of stability to wetted surface area, but I also wanted it to be as easy to customise and rig up as some of the plastic fishing kayaks already on the market. Enter the Xplora 18...

After learning the finer points of designing and building resin infused boats from local boat builder Steve Vegh, I went about producing a plug for the Xplora. Many man-hours later and fresh into a new shared production facility with the BerleyPro crew, the Xplora was ready to take on the world!

We have a focus on quality, sustainable manufacturing processes. Our boats are built to order using vacuum resin infusion technology and high grade composite reinforcement materials. This makes our boats strong and light for their size and being built here in Melbourne and available direct from the manufacturer, we can reduce overheads and offer you a very competitive price for a ski in this layup.

Throughout our manufacturing process we have a focus on waste reduction and sustainability. We try to avoid the purchase of single use consumable plastics for our workshop where possible and are active members of our local community recycling groups where we source paper, plastic containers, clothing and bedding that would otherwise have gone to landfill and re-purpose it to help produce our end product. Our next goal in this area is to adopt the use of silicon bag technology on our molds which would allow the same vacuum bag to be re-used on up to 100 boats further reducing the waste output for our manufacturing processes.