Brača Dragon & Dragon Slim

Braca Dragon
Braca Dragon Slim Extra Light

Brača Dragon paddles comply with the IDBF Paddle Specification and are authorized for use in championship events. Braca now offers two models for Dragon Boat paddlers; the standard Braca Dragon and the Dragon Slim.

The Braca Dragon comes with an adjustable shaft that gives 2 inches (5 cm) of adjustment up to the maximum length of 130cm (51 inches)

The Dragon Slim has a lighter blade and uses a smaller diameter matte shaft that is intended for smaller/lighter paddlers with smaller sized hands. The slim comes in a fixed length shaft in matte carbon finish - we make it up the size you require.

We also now have three handle options for you, a carbon t grip, a carbon palm grip and a carbon ergo comfort handle.


Note on Paddle Length:

To meet IDBF race spec, Dragon boat paddles must be at least 41 inches long and no longer than 51 inches.

Selecting a measurement in inches on the right:

  • For Dragon Slim models, a fixed length, this will be the total fixed length of your paddle.

  • For Standard Dragon models,select one of the adjustable lengths the first number being the length of the paddle fully closed and the second number being the paddle ajduster fully open.

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Brača Outrigger

The Brača Outrigger is a lightweight, durable carbon paddle, modelled on a classic Hawaiian design.

You can also choose between  a max 730cm2 or min 650cm2 blade. All Brača Outrigger paddles are available with a fixed shaft or an adjustable shaft system which allows adjustment of overall paddle length (within 5cm range). We do however recommend a fixed shaft for outrigger paddlers to prevent the adjustment clamp from interfering with your hand swap motion as you paddle on each side of the craft.

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