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Braca Dragon Adjustable Paddle

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Product Details

Brača Dragon paddles comply with the IDBF Paddle Specification 202a and are approved for competition use.

The standard Braca Dragon comes with an adjustable shaft that gives 2 inches (5 cm) of adjustment up to the maximum length of 130cm (51 inches)
The Dragon Slim paddle can be found here.

In terms of handles we now have three options for you, a carbon t grip, a carbon palm grip and a carbon ergo comfort handle.

Contact us for bulk/team buying discount options.

Note on Paddle Length:

To meet IDBF race spec, Dragon boat paddles must be at least 41 inches long and no longer than 51 inches.

Selecting a measurement in inches on the right:

  • For Standard Dragon models,select one of the adjustable lengths the first number being the length of the paddle fully closed and the second number being the paddle ajduster fully open.
  • See the paddle wizard here for more information on calculating the correct length for your paddle.

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