When it comes to the colour scheme for your ski we can organise your preferred option from the layouts below:


  • Block:  The whole boat done in a single block colour of your choosing.

  • Two Tone - It is also possible to order your ski in two block colours, the hull in one colour and deck in another. The join line can be done to match either the hull or the deck.

  • Contrast - This  option has the boat done in a block colour, with the addition of racing stripes down the center of the deck, we can also do the paddle keep, cockpit and rear hatch areas in a contrast colour.

We offer a range of standard gelcoat shown below as well as a collection of Day-Glo pigments for those wanting something a little different! If you are after a particular shade not listed below. drop us a line and we'll see if we can source it for you. Standard pricing incorporates up to two gelcoat colours in the configurations outlined above. Other combinations and extra colours are possible but will incur a surcharge, contact us to discuss your needs.

Colours Updated.png