When it comes to the colour scheme for your ski we can organise your preferred option from the layouts below:


  • Block:  The whole boat done in a single block colour of your choosing.

  • Two Tone - It is also possible to order your ski in two block colours, the hull in one colour and deck in another. The join line can be done to match either the hull or the deck.

  • Contrast - This  option has the boat done in a block colour, with the addition of racing stripes down the center of the deck, we can also do the paddle keep, cockpit and rear hatch areas in a contrast colour.

We offer a range of standard gelcoat shown below as well as a collection of Day-Glo pigments for those wanting something a little different! If you are after a particular shade not listed below. drop us a line and we'll see if we can source it for you. Standard pricing incorporates up to two gelcoat colours in the configurations outlined above. Other combinations and extra colours are possible but will incur a surcharge, contact us to discuss your needs.

Colours Updated.png


Your Xplora ski will come as standard with a thermoform ABS cover plate, allowing you to set a regular sonar or downscan transducer attached  to the topside of the Scanport cover just as you would for a standard in-hull install. With this method, your transducer is protected from knocks and damage inside the Scanport, but unlike an in-hull install, the Scanport fills with water during use giving you more accurate water temperature readings.

The second option is to replace the Scanport cover plate with a brand specific, BerleyPro transducer mounting plate. This is the recommended option for fishos running side scan or total scan transducers; the transducer is bolted to the underside of the Scanport cover via pre-drilled holes and supplied hardware and for added protection, this setup can also be coupled with the Berleypro range of transducer covers.


Kayak hatches vary widely across the industry, and their design will always be a trade off between ease of use and water-tightness. Depending on where you paddle and what you want to store in your ski, hatch preference will vary from person to person. To this effect, we offer two different hatch types for the Xplora models, we have rated each type in the areas of water tightness, ease of opening/closing one handed and likelihood of opening in a surf zone. Once you know where you want to fish, we can fit out your ski to suit your needs.


Hinged Hatch

Dryness: Less dry than twist hatch type

Ease of Use: Easiest to open with a rod in one hand.

Surf Zone: If you want this hatch but transit heavy surf regularly consider adding a lever lock hatch strap over the top for launches and landings


Twist Hatch

Dryness: Drier than the hinged hatch type

Ease of Use: Harder to open with a rod in one hand.

Surf Zone: If you transit surf regularly consider adding this hatch.


The Trade Wind 100 is the kayak sail for fishing skis and the big expedition double sea kayaks, designed for maximum drive & power. The Trade Wind sail is a sign of the constant improvements that Flat Earth are making to their designs, without departing too far from the simple idea of putting a sail on a kayak. Made from a mylar/scrim/mylar tri-laminate, designed to be both tear & UV resistant, with a sleek modern look which also allows you to see through the sail at the approaching conditions.

Flat Earth sails are made out of a new Trilaminate sail cloth, giving amazing shape holding properties, available with blue, red or balck trim. Flat Earth Sails are manufactured in Sydney, designed by the late Mick MacRobb, and meet all of the rigorous quality targets we would expect from a paddling aid that in the right conditions can supercharge your ski. 

You can choose to upgrade your Xplora with a TW100 sail and all fittings & fixtures required to fit it as well as a reinforced deck. You don't need any extra hardware or modifications to get up and running. The extra surface area in our rudder design was included with kayak sailing in mind, this coupled with the vee hull towards the front of the craft will help with tracking under sail, reducing side slip and keeping you pointing where you want to go! Those wanting to be able to sail further windward can also look at our retractable front daggerboard option. 

.8m Trade wind Sail
.8m Trade wind Sail

1.m Trade wind Sail
1.m Trade wind Sail

.8m Trade wind Sail
.8m Trade wind Sail



This centreboard blade is operated with dyneema rope via a control box recessed into the fish hatch side wall. The dyneema rope is a simple, light, friction and corrosion free coupling that does not kink. The Blade has unique rope adjuster to re-adjust the rope length if necessary. The blade also has easy snap-in connection which makes it easy to install and remove. The blade is equipped with a corrosion free spring which allows free movement upwards when hitting an obstacle to prevent damage.

KS System 4.jpg