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The block or two-tone colour scheme is included in the pricing for your Xplora watercraft, other options & pricing are outlined below:

  • Block:  The whole boat done in a single block colour of your choosing including the join line.

  • Two-Tone: It is also possible to order your boat in two block colours, the hull in one colour and deck in another. The seam tape can be done to match either the hull or the deck.

  • GT Striped (+$100): a matching hull & deck with twin GT stripes in a contrast colour of your choosing. The joint line of the kayak can either be white, black or coloured to match your GT stripes.


  • Third colour (+$150): This option includes the deck and hull in different colours with a third colour used elsewhere in your design.

  • Fades (+$150): This option includes one colour for the hull, another for the deck with the tips or cockpit area faded into a third colour.

  • Trigon Pattern (+$150): This option includes the hull in white and a combination of white with two other colours on the deck in triangles along its length.

  • Clears (+$500): This option includes incorporating a clear gelcoat section in your ski, usually on the front deck, to expose a carbon twill or carbon hex feature. 

  • Tinted Clears (+$600): This option includes incorporating an exposed carbon twill or carbon hex feature but the clear is tinted with one of the dayglo options below. 

  • Custom  (POA): Where possible we will endeavor to accomodate custom colour designs, that differ from the above. These will be priced on an individual basis.

Rebel 46 kayak on lake
Two - tone
X18 fishing kayak white with blue GT stripes
GT Stripes
Rebel K1 yellow white & black
carbon fiber clear deck
Third Colour
Rebel 50 K1 orange & black
X18 Gen 2  Fishing ski
Trigon Pattern

We offer a range of standard gelcoat colours shown below as well as some pastel blends for those wanting something a little different! If you are after a particular shade not listed below, drop us a line and we'll see if we can source it for you. Other combinations and extra colours are possible but may incur a surcharge, contact us to discuss your needs.

Xplora watercraft kayak colour options



Xplora Watercraft are available in a choice of three layup schedules:

  1. Club/Surf - boats in this layup are hand laid vinylester fiberglass laminates with a combination of  basalt innegra and kevlar cloth reinforcement in key stress areas. A lantor Coremat® is used to increase stiffness . These boats are hard wearing and are the perfect choice for people 'hard on their gear' or where very regular use is required. These boats are slightly heavier than the other layup schedules but can take some rough and tumble and are straightforward to repair if you do manage to break it. Denoted 'Club' for flatwater race boats and 'Surf' for saltwater craft.  ​

  2. Ultra VIRT - boats in ultra  VIRT layup are are built using Vacuum Infused Resin Transfer,  but are a 50/50 hybrid construction of fiberglass and carbon/kevlar cloth. A Soric ® SF core is used to increase stiffness . These boats have good impact resistance for a lighter craft weight and are the perfect choice for people using their boats in bumpy water and want a good balance of weight and strength. 

  3. Elite VIRT  - our elite boats are built using Vacuum Infused Resin Transfer. This process is used to provide optimum wet-out of fibres and very consistent boat weights. Infusion grade vinylester is used under vacuum to wet out the laminate of carbon and kevlar on a Soric ® LRC core, which results in the lightest, stiffest layup we offer.  These boats are perfect where weight is a critical concern such as loading on a high vehicle or competing in racing events, but not recommended for use in heavy surf areas.

composite kayak layers


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