Sail Kit
Front Deck
Magnetic tackle tray
Rear Deck
100L Rear Hatch

We've put the Covid lockdowns to good use and have been hard at work on the Gen 2 Xplora 18. We've impletemented feedback from local anglers and refined the design into something we know you'll be as happy with as we are! The front deck is reshaped to give a flatter look, reducing windage and making paddle and sail storage earier. The keel has also been extended up front giving more waterline length (hull speed) and better tracking. The seat bucket has also seen some revisions and we have added both a front and rear carry handle recess. The rear deck also has some new lines and we've added a little more rocker to the rear end.  We've relacoted the transducer scanport from under the livewell slightly further forward to avoid your paddlestroke being picked up in the sidescan beam when underway.  You still get three storage areas including a massive fish hatch up front, but now you have the added bonus of it coming in a quicker lighter ski! We've also utilised spearte moldings for each of our elements meaning you don't have to have the features you don't want; don't want a central hatch or livewell - no problem, we've got you covered. Same goes for the transducer box and centreboard.

The Xplora 18 is not the traditional all fiberglass layup found in most fishing skis, but instead has a hull made from a sandwich core construction of Carbon and Kevlar with Basalt Innegra reinforcement in key areas . A sandwich core layup is also utilised for the deck, this time with woven fiberglass and kevlar, the extra stiffness of carbon is not required here as the contours and lines of the deck provide inherent stiffness in the end product allowing us to improve the price point. You recieve a strong and stiff layup, with a reduction in weight for a ski of this size, allowing us to give you more freeboard, storage and volume, while keeping the ski weight in line with other offerings on the market. Our skis are built with quality Allnex gelcoats, Scott Bader Crystic infusion resins and we source reinforcement cloths from Colan Australia and Ironbark Composites. There is no wood, XPS (polystyrene), or open-cell pouring foams any where in the Xplora 18; we want to offer you a quality product, so we start our process with quality materials. Most of the fishing ski manufacturers on the market today have their extra features built into their molds on the assumption that you want everything they have to offer. Often it costs extra to have some of these features you don't want removed as it is harder for their production line operators, we work on the opposite; our base model boat is the mold and we use separate molds for all of the extras. This means you ony have to have the features you actually want and only pay for the things you'll actually use!

Pricing & Inclusions

Standard Xplora 18 G2 $4599

  • Xplora 18 with vacuum infused hull carbon Kevlar layup with soric core, fiberglass/kevlar deck with coremat.

  • Standard colour layout (white hull & deck with contrast GT stripes)

  • Central day hatch (or open fish hatch on request)
  • 4 flushmount rod holders with 40mm openings for larger butt rods
  • Choice of twist or hinged rear hatch
  • Magatised tackle tray
  • Rear deck storage

Optional Upgrades:

  • Extra handles $10
  • EPIRB mount on rear deck $30
  • Scanport transducer recess with conduit for cables $100
  • BerleyPro Transducer cover for Lowrance/Garmin/Raymarine side scan $34
  • Tool caddy $59
  • Central day hatch livewell conversion $100
  • Sail kit (Sea Dog Commander 1 square meter sail, & retractable daggerboard) $800
  • Ultralight layup $500 (not recommended for heavy surf users)
  • Cusom colour options also available, see here for more information.
  • $100 discount on any new Braca paddle when purchased with an Xplora 18.