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Battery Box Kit

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If you want to run a 5" sounder and find that your GPS combo is chewing up your battery juice, or maybe you want to have the option of running your sounder and lights off the same battery for snapper season, either way we have you covered! Upgrade your standard battery box to one of these units and run a larger battery while still keeping it tucked into the fish hatch wall and out of the way.

These battery boxes install into the fish hatch wall directly under the seat on your ski (or infront of the footwells in livewell models) allowing you to tuck tackle boxes gaffs of even your catch under your seat without snagging up on the battery or cables. These oversize boxes are also secured in place with a backing plate to prevent damage to the wall of your fish hatch and also feature a handy cable clamp on the reverse to help protect your cables from pulling in the event of a nasty roll in the breakers.


  • Lightweight thermo-formed ABS construction.
  • Custom marine grade stainless backing plate with locating tabs for easy install.
  • Cable clamp to secure your wiring in the surf.
  • Quick release shock cord & hook battery securing system.

Kit Includes:

  • Light weight ABS battery box.
  • Stainless backing plate with 4mm rivnuts and locating tabs.
  • 6mm shock cord with nylon end fittings.
  • Black nylon lash hook.
  • 2 x 4mm countersunk bolts.
  • 2x 4mm pan head bolts.
  • P-clip cable clamp.
  • 5mm bolt & nyloc nut.
  • Installation instructions & cutting template to help you get a perfect fit.

Dimensions (Medium):

(Length x Depth x Height)

  • Overall - 200mm x 45mm x 165mm
  • Battery cavity - 148mm x 40mm x 113mm
  • Clearance for terminals - 16mm
  • Holds a tall 4ah SLA battery or a 7ah Li-ion FPV-Power Kayak Battery.

Dimensions (Large):

(Length x Depth x Height)

  • Overall - 220mm x 68mm x 175mm
  • Battery cavity - 160mm x 63mm x 113mm
  • Clearance for terminals - 15mm
  • Holds a standard 7ah or 9ah SLA battery.
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