Since 1991 BRAČA-SPORT has been manufacturing high-quality equipment for a wide variety of paddling sports. Their mission is to design, develop and produce the best performing paddle for every paddler. Using the latest technology and insight from the world’s top-level coaches and athletes, BRAČA-SPORT has continued to research and develop new designs that cater to the needs of paddlers worldwide for every canoeing discipline: Canoe Polo, Dragon Boat, Flatwater, Freestyle, Marathon Canoeing, Ocean Racing, Outrigger, Slalom, Surfski, Touring, and Wildwater. With a total of 90 different types of canoe and kayak blades available in over 8500 configurations, they guarantee that they have the right paddle for everyone. 

BRAČA-SPORT also lay claim to a number of world firsts:

  • Inventor of the 'tear-drop' concept.

  • First (and only) manufacturer to engineer and produce their own carbon fabrics for their paddles.

  • First to develop and produce paddles specifically designed for children and youth.

  • First and only manufacturer to develop and use proprietary UV epoxy gelcoat.


Xplora Watercraft are the Australian distributor for Brača Sport paddles, the no. 1 choice for Olympic and world champion athletes as well as recreational paddlers. You can submit a paddle order here. Once we have received the details of your paddle order, we will email you a quote for your required product. Upon receipt of payment, your paddle will be assembled to your specifications and shipped or made available for collection within 5-10 business days.