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Braca-sport canoe paddle shaft

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Each of the paddle shafts in the Braca-sport canoe paddle range available as a service part. Note that shaft (and paddle blade receiver) diameters vary across the range and not all are interchangable. if you are planning to order a shaft other than the one currently fitted to your paddle, please contact us to confirm fitment. The current shaft in your paddle is identifiable by the code located below the clamp eg 02CAL, 00CAL etc The digits identify the shaft, the C denotes it is a Canoe shaft, (kayak discipline shafts are denoted by a K and available elsewhere in our store) and AL denotes an adjustable shaft. Unilike with our kayak shaft for canoe shafts the higher the number the stiffer the shaft, eg the 10CAL is stiffer than a 02CAL.

Please note:

Canoe paddle parts are all special order items, and will be added to our next factory shipment once you place your order. Our factory shipements occur roughly quarterly throughout the year.

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