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Xplora Surf Rudder

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If you would like the back end of your ski a little tighter in rough water we have developed a surf rudder for our Xplora 18 skis that can be retro-fitted to all of the current Stealth models, we can also now make a version for Vortex 560 skis. The Xplora rudder features a solid 10 mm stainless steel all-thread shaft to improve its robustness, but thanks to its semi elliptical design it gives you a greater blade surface area without making the pedals feel heavy. The straight edge bottom allows to to paddle shallower water before bottoming out.

While it is always recommended to exit your ski in the shallows rather than beaching your ski, we understand that this is not always possible so we have gone heavy duty with construction from carbon, and kevlar protecting a Divynicell foam core which reduces the overall weight while giving superior strength and stiffness.

The rudder shaft varies in length according to the volume in the rear of the ski model, so please select your ski from the drop down menu to ensure the correct fit. The usual shaft length for Stealth models are listed, please double check the actual length on your ski before ordering as variance does occur.

Our rudders are supplied with 316 grade stainless washers and M10 nylocs for fitting as well as a nylon spacer to go between the rudder blade and hull where required for clearance.


  • Shape: Semi Elliptical
  • Finish: Charcoal gelcoat
  • Core: Corecell Foam Core
  • Reinforcement Materials: Carbon & Kevlar
  • Weight: ~300g
  • Shaft Diameter: 10mm
  • Shaft Length: 16.5 -18.5cm (made to order)

Our rudders are made to order, please allow a couple of days to get your order on its way!

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